Highlighting The Importance of Accident Claims

At No Win No Fee, we aim to help those who are involved in accidents or suffer through no fault of their own. This takes many forms from helping people to recover from road traffic accidents to medical negligence to a slip in the street. Most recently, there has been a terrible catastrophe in Santiago de Compostela in the north of Spain. Thankfully, we have not suffered such a terrible accident in this country for many years yet it is still important to consider how such an accident occurs and how individuals can begin to move on from such a tragedy.

The train crash in Santiago is the worst rail crash in Europe this century. Eighty people have been pronounced dead with over a hundred injured and needing medical attention. The accident has been massively traumatic to all of those involved. The train was travelling at double the speed limit for the stretch of track and the bend it was going into.

A criminal investigation is due to commence with the actions of the driver expected to be put under intense scrutiny. Recent reports suggest he has admitted to driving too fast and expressed deep and profound regret over his actions.

For victims, nothing will ever compensate them for the tragedy of such loss. However, as in all things, an element of practicality is essential to help people overcome events such as these. A compensation claim can help individuals to recoup loss of earnings and help them to rebuild their lives after injury or trauma. Whether for serious injury or whiplash as a result of such a sudden shock to the spinal cord, compensation may be of help. At No Win No Fee, we can analyse the details of a train accident or injury and offer advice and expert legal advice regarding compensation in a no win no fee capacity.

If you have been the victim of an accident in a public place or at the hands of someone else, please contact us to find out how we can help you to rebuild your life and receive the compensation you deserve.

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