Baker Receives Compensation After Falling in an ASDA Car Park

A 64-year-old bakery worker from Darlington has been awarded £45,000 in compensation after suffering an injury in the car park of an ASDA supermarket. The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) member, who does not wish to be named, tripped over a damaged paving stone in the spring of 2007, which resulted in her sustaining a broken elbow. As with so many accident claims involving seemingly minor trips or falls, the bakery worker’s injuries turned out to be more problematic than initially expected. In fact, the then 61-year-old worker had to endure two operations within a year of the accident to repair the bone and remove a metal plate.

Unfortunately, the BFAWU member’s injury was sufficient to force her into early retirement; although she had hoped to work until she was 65, the injury to her elbow meant that she was no longer able to lift heavy objects or fully extend her arm. She also suffered cosmetic damage in the form of a six-inch scar near her elbow, which has reduced her confidence in wearing short-sleeved items of clothing.

The BFAWU member said: “I decided to claim compensation after I discovered that there had been previous complaints about the state of the paving stones in the car park”. One week before the case was due to be heard in court, ASDA admitted liability and agreed to pay £45,000 in compensation. No Win No Fee provides support to many people who wish to bring accident claims, including those involving slips, trips or falls on private or public property.

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