Compensation Awarded to Injured Hit-and-Run Lollipop Man

An undisclosed sum has been awarded to a 74-year-old lollipop man who was injured in November 2008 during a hit-and-run incident. The unnamed lollipop man, who was employed by Kirklees Council at the time of the incident, suffered serious injuries after a car crashed into a stationary vehicle, which was subsequently knocked into him.

As with so many hit-and-run road traffic accident claims, the fact that the incident occurred in relatively good light at a designated crossing did not prevent the hit-and-run vehicle from escaping before its registration plate could be noted. The lollipop man was required to pursue a compensation claim for his injuries with the Motor Insurance Bureau, which deals with accident claims involving uninsured or untraceable drivers.

Substantial damages were awarded in order to reflect the extensive injuries he had sustained during the incident. The injured man suffered a fractured tibia, fractured wrist and serious back injury after he was struck by a stationary car that had been hit from behind by the hit-and-run driver. The incident could so easily have been made worse had young children been crossing at the time of the crash.

Despite a thorough police investigation, the hit-and-run driver was never identified. Each year, nowinnofee helps hundreds of people who have been injured in road traffic accidents that were caused by the negligence of other drivers. Nowinnofee solicitors fight for the maximum compensation available and deal with numerous other types of claim, including workplace accidents.

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