Diabetic Man Wins Compensation Following NHS Errors

Ian Watts, of Rochester, was admitted to Medway hospital in July 2004 after developing an ulcer on the little toe of his left leg. Despite the efforts of Mr Watts’ local GP, the toe had become so sore as to require hospital treatment. Unfortunately, surgeons at Medway hospital advised Mr Watts that the only course of treatment left available to him was an amputation of the toe – a procedure that was later carried out. Following the amputation, severe pain developed in Mr Watts’ left foot, which required him to undergo a further operation; this time, however, surgeons amputated Mr Watts’ left leg beneath the knee.

During the second operation, Mr Watts, who suffers from diabetes, was allegedly subjected to a number of clinical errors; in addition to allowing the patient’s blood sugar levels to drop, hospital staff almost administered the wrong medication to him on a number of occasions. As if that were not enough, a pressure stocking applied to Mr Watts’ right leg was fitted too tightly. Upon discharge from hospital, Mr Watts developed an ulcer on his right leg as a result of the poorly fitted pressure stocking. After he was readmitted to hospital, Mr Watts was told by doctors that his right leg would have to be amputated; fortunately, a second opinion was sought and surgeons were able to save Mr Watts’ right leg after a nine-hour operation. Mr Watts was awarded £250,000 in an out-of-court settlement after claiming the NHS Trust had acted negligently. Nowinnofee can provide professional legal services to those injured in acts of clinical negligence.

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