Eye-Damaged Worker Receives £10,000 Compensation

Phillip Heeney, a 25-year-old man from East Yorkshire, has received compensation for an injury he sustained at work. Employed by Omya UK Limited, Mr Heeney had been tasked with moving a drum of liquid acid – a job that was, quite rightly, undertaken by both himself and a colleague. Mr Heeney had also been issued eye goggles as part of his employer’s health and safety policy; however, the goggles proved to be less useful than they ought to have been in the circumstances. Having moved the drum, Mr Heeney and his colleague attempted to remove its cap – in doing so, the drum’s contents splashed on to Mr Heeney.

At the time of the accident, Mr Heeney was wearing prescription safety glasses, which were not sealed but had protective guards on its sides. Unfortunately, these glasses were wholly unsuitable as safety devices for Mr Heeney’s line of work. During the accident, acid splashed into Mr Heeney’s mouth and right eye; consequently, the worker sustained damage to his tear duct that now requires him to use lubricating drops on a regular basis. Mr Heeney also suffered cosmetic damage in so far as his right eyelid now droops. Workplace accident claims are often brought against employers in the UK where health and safety standards have proved insufficient to prevent injury. Mr Heeney’s case is just one of many personal injury claims that has resulted in an entirely avoidable injury. Nowinnofee provides professional legal services to people injured in accidents at work.

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