Former Publications Officer at Cadbury Compensated for Asbestos Exposure

Workplace personal injury claims involving exposure to asbestos are often raised by those who have suffered illness many years after knowingly coming into contact with the hazardous material. However, as the case of 76-year-old Brian Harrison of Manchester illustrates, victims are not always aware of their exposure to asbestos. Mr Harrison was diagnosed with mesothelioma last year after developing breathing problems whilst swimming. At this stage in his life, Mr Harrison was otherwise in surprisingly good health. When Mr Harrison was told that he had asbestos-related mesothelioma, the former publications officer at Cadbury’s Bournville factory was stunned as his previous lines of work did not directly involve working with asbestos.

After recounting his working history, which is no minor accomplishment for a man in his late seventies, Mr Harrison realised that he had been indirectly exposed to asbestos between 1954 and 1962 at Cadbury’s Bournville factory because part of his job was to interview colleagues for the monthly works magazine. Unfortunately, some of these colleagues included workers who routinely stripped and repaired pipes that were insulated with asbestos. As such, the asbestos fibres present on their clothes and in the atmosphere would have likely caused Mr Harrison’s mesothelioma.

Mr Harrison noted: “When I was interviewing someone I would do so on the shop floor, perhaps a few feet from where they were working”. After pursuing legal action against Cadbury, Mr Harrison received £100,000 in compensation. No win no fee is able to provide legal services to those who suffer injury or illness in the workplace.

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