GMB Member Wins Compensation Following Thumb Crush Injury

Ian Castle, a GMB union member from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, has been awarded £5,500 in compensation after his thumb was injured in an accident at work. Employed by P A Dunwell Transport Limited as a lorry driver, Mr Castle was in the process of unloading his lorry when the roof door crashed down onto his shoulders. Although Mr Castle’s upper body was not seriously injured, his thumb became trapped against a lever and was subsequently crushed. The worker continues to feel pain in the thumb more than a year after the incident occurred.

Workplace accident claims vary significantly in terms of the severity of injuries sustained by workers; in some cases, personal injury claims are brought after relatively minor accidents, whereas others involve catastrophic or fatal injuries. Although the severity of an injury understandably affects the amount of compensation awarded to a victim, the law does not distinguish between minor and serious accidents when determining liability. Whilst Mr Castle’s injuries were relatively minor (use of his thumb has been restored but the nail is permanently disfigured), the accident caused considerable pain and stress.

Mr Castle said: “It ripped my thumb nail right off, broke the bone and ended up giving me nine stitches and to add insult to injury I had to go back to work before it was properly healed.” Mr Castle also claimed that the experience caused difficulties with his employer, against whom he launched legal action. Nowinnofee provides professional help to those who have been injured in workplace accidents.

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