Mesothelioma Victim Dies After 12-Month Legal Battle

John Manniex, of Leigh, Greater Manchester, died on the 1st of July this year following a lengthy fight against mesothelioma. The story of Mr Manniex is one shared by thousands of others in the UK and many more across the world; despite identifying the source of his exposure to asbestos, the defendant’s insurers were reluctant to settle the claim and instead opposed the case on the grounds that Mr Manniex’s former employer, Mee and Cocker (Leigh) Limited, did not work on pre-fabricated houses comprising asbestos – a defence that was successfully rebutted by Mr Manniex’s legal team.

Personal injury claims involving asbestos related illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis are routinely contested by insurance firms eager to deny or limit liability. Whilst there is nothing exceptional about insurance companies holding their ground, opposing personal injury claims relating to asbestos exposure is particularly cynical, not least because mesothelioma and asbestosis are normally terminal conditions. It is a sad point to note that Mee and Cocker (Leigh) Limited’s insurers sought to drag a dying man through the courts in order to avoid a payout that was rightfully his.

Speaking before his death, Mr Manniex said: “We used to push the asbestos panels out from the roofs and let them drop to the floor. As they dropped they broke up and asbestos dust would be released”. Mr Manniex added: “We were never given a mask or alerted to the danger to our health”. Nowinnofee provides professional legal services to those injured or made ill at work.

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