NI Car Accident Victim Receives Seven-Figure Settlement

In December 2004, Slovakian national Milan Rybansky was knocked down and injured by a car near Belfast. At the time of his accident, Mr Rybansky, who is now aged 34, was working as a journalist in Northern Ireland. Fluent in several languages, Mr Rybansky had previously worked as a history teacher in his native Slovakia before moving to Belfast six weeks before his accident. Sadly, the seriousness of Mr Rybansky’s injuries are such that he has been left with permanent brain damage.

As with many personal injury claims involving car accidents, Mr Rybansky was judged to be partly responsible for the incident. While crossing Mallusk Road in Newtonabbey, County Antrim, Mr Rybansky was using his mobile phone to send a text message. Clearly distracted by the device, the pedestrian failed to spot a car heading towards him. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle also failed to notice Mr Rybansky. The resulting accident left the Slovakian-born journalist with life-changing injuries.

Unable to resume his previous way of life and in requirement of 24-hour care, Mr Rybansky returned to his home near Bratislava. The former journalist’s parents were forced to sell their home and leave full-time employment in order to care for their son. After launching a personal injury claim against the insurers of the motorist who collided with Mr Rybansky, the Slovakian’s family was awarded £1.125 million in compensation – a reduced settlement that reflects Mr Rybansky’s contributory negligence. Nowinnofee provides professional legal services to people who have been injured in accidents that were caused by somebody else’s negligence

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