Parents of Child Injured During Birth Receive Compensation

In 2002, Sarah Collier and her husband Nigel became the proud parents of their son Joel. Sadly, a series of mistakes made by medical staff starved Joel of vital oxygen. Although the newborn survived these errors, he developed cerebral palsy as a result of the hospital’s negligence. Personal injury claims relating to clinical negligence are unfortunately all too common in the UK and Sarah and Nigel’s case is just one of many concerning children born with cerebral palsy and other serious health conditions.

Due to the demands placed on Sarah and Nigel, the couple now look after 8-year-old Joel on a full-time basis. As such, they opted to pursue a claim for compensation against Gateshead NHS Foundation Trust in order to access funds that were necessary to adequately provide for Joel. After admitting liability, the NHS Trust was ordered to pay compensation to Sarah and Nigel that should help to secure a lifetime of support and care for Joel.

Speaking after the case, Nigel advised that he had been reluctant to pursue a compensation claim initially but realised that it was the only way in which to ensure Joel’s future welfare. Nigel said: “We faced constant battles for even the smallest amount of support for Joel and found that what we managed to ‘win’ one day could be easily withdrawn the next, so we were left with no choice. Joel is our primary concern and we simply had to seek help”. No Win No Fee provides support to many people who wish to bring accident claims, including those relating to acts of clinical negligence.

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