Street Cleaner Set to Receive Substantial Payout

In May 2006, Steven Threlfall, a street cleaner for Hull City Council, was seriously injured in an accident at work. While helping to clear a garden at a council house in the city, the worker badly cut the little finger of his left hand on a sharp object contained in a bag. This week, judges at the Civil Appeal Court in London ruled that his employer had failed in its duty of care to provide him with appropriate gloves.

Mr Threlfall required surgery after a sharp object sliced through his gloves and severed the ulnar artery and nerve running through his finger. The tendon in Mr Threlfall’s finger also sustained significant damage. As with many personal injury claims, had Mr Threlfall been given appropriate protective gear, it is unlikely that he would have suffered his injuries. Unfortunately, personal injury claims involving workplace accidents are common in the UK.

In lieu of a final settlement, judges at the Civil Appeal Court ordered Hull City Council to pay Mr Threlfall an interim payment of £3,000. The council was also required to pay £30,000 in costs. Overall, Hull City Council is expected to pay around £100,000 for Mr Threlfall’s injury. Despite having his claim dismissed at two previous court hearings, Mr Threlfall was no doubt delighted when judges awarded in his favour. Lady Justice Smith noted that the gloves issued to Mr Threlfall “were plainly not effective to prevent or adequately control the risk of laceration.” Nowinnofee provides professional legal services to those who have been injured in workplace accidents as a result of somebody else’s negligence.

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