Claims Process

Fortunately, making a claim is pain free, fast and easy!

For your convenience we've detailed the process for you here. Print it out and maybe if needed ask your personal claims handler about any of the steps we've listed.

Check out some of the pieces of information you might need to provide in order to successfully claim!

Remember: all cases are treated individually so depending on your exact claim circumstances the steps outlined may differ.

  • Fill in our claim form to make a claim enquiry.

  • You will be contacted by one of our claim handlers for a FREE no obligation consultation.

  • If accepted your solicitor will start to proceed with the claim.

  • If the defendant admits liability, your solicitor negotiates with them on your behalf and agrees your compensation amount. You will receive maximum compensation!

  • If the defendant disputes your claim, it will go to court for a decision to be made. If your case is unsuccessful you will not be liable for any of the costs

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