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Special Notice in relation to Medical Negligence Compensation Claims and Motor Insurance Bureau “Untraced Driver” claims and all claims which fall with in the Scottish jurisdiction.

Certain claims, such as medical negligence compensation claims, claims against untraced drivers do not facilitate or allow for the recovery of legal costs. In these cases, the legal costs of the firms of independent solicitors will have to be paid by you out of the compensation recovered by them on your behalf.

Claims that fall within Scottish jurisdiction will be subject to a 15% deduction from the recovered compensation. We specifically exclude these categories of case from our statement anywhere in this web site to the effect that you will keep the maximum amount of your compensation

*There will be two scenarios where your solicitor may charge you for their costs:

1- if you have been found to be making a fraudulent claim
2- Non-cooperation by you, which jeopardises the outcome of your claim

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