Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Cases on the rise

If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery, you will be aware, that there is a chance that there will be a mistake and that you will not get the results that you were expecting. There is risk with any surgery, but the risks with cosmetic surgery can be devastating, because the whole point is to improve your look, not to make it worse.

For example, the wife of former footballer, Colin Hendry died after seven years of ill health following a liposuction operation. During the operation, she suffered a punctured bowel and then had several operations afterwards, to try to repair the damage, which were not successful. In the end she had bacteria form the stomach, spread to her brain and she caught meningitis which killed her. The liposuction operation was carried out in Sweden by a Dr Aniansson, who is still practising at the Nacka Hospital in Stockholm.

This may just be a one off case study, but there are a lot more procedures being carried out these days and so there are many more people at risk from negligence during cosmetic surgery procedures. There are additional concerns in the UK that there are practitioners carrying out a variety of treatments, when they have only been trained in one. For example they are carrying out surgical procedures when they are only qualified to carry out beauty treatments.

The statistics from abroad are even more worrying. Many people are going abroad to have procedures, because they are cheaper, but there are many reports of problems with this, where treatments are not carried out well, or simply completely the wrong chemicals are used and the person is left unwell or even dies as a result.

A survey carried out by Cosmetic surgery shows that cosmetic surgery is increasing in popularity. There has been a 155% increase in the amount of people having a procedure between 1997 and 2010. This includes a 71% increase in surgical procedures and 228% in nonsurgical procedures. Statistics by the American Society for aesthetic Plastic surgery show that the demand for surgery rises by about 9% a year. They found the most popular country to have a procedure is the United states. This is followed by China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Japan, S. Korea, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Italy, France, Canada, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Colombia, Greece, Thailand, Australia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands and Portugal. Some of these may be quite a surprise, perhaps countries which you would not expect to have the type of people who would want this sort of procedure.

Of course, many people choose to travel for their procedures, because it can work out a lot cheaper. There are even package holidays which include a procedure as part of the cost. However, it is important to be very careful about any procedure, at home or abroad as you may not get the results you want. There is no guarantee of perfection and you could be taking a very big risk.

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