Crushed Cyclist Wins Substantial Compensation

In December 2007, 31-year-old Doris Barrera-Torrico, a Chilean-born student living in south London, suffered serious injuries after being crushed between two lorries on Holloway Road. Remarkably, the woman survived the accident but was left with permanent disabilities, for which she recently received £280,000 in an out-of-court settlement.

Ms Barrera-Torrico sustained multiple fractures in the accident. The Chilean national also experienced a rather nasty injury referred to as ‘degloving,’ whereby the skin is stripped from the underlying tissue. At one stage, doctors feared they would need to amputate Ms Barrera-Torrico’s right leg.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Ms Barrera-Torrico said: “I could see the bits of my leg on the road. I don’t know how I survived. Lorry drivers as well as car drivers need to be aware of cyclists on city roads. Safer, more aware driving will prevent other people suffering serious injuries like I did.”

Personal injury claims involving collisions between motorists and cyclists are common in the UK. According to figures published last month by the Department for Transport, 2,700 cyclists were either killed or seriously injured on British roads in 2009/2010, compared to 2,673 in 2008/2009.

In the present case, Ms Barrera-Torrico’s solicitor, Paul Kitson, stated: “After a long and hard battle, the case settled out of court, shortly before trial, when blame was apportioned at 70:30 in Doris’ favour. She has a permanent disability which has restricted her mobility and has also prevented her pursuing her sporting activities.”

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