HIP Replacement Compensation for faulty HIP Implants

Up to 40,000 British patients are thought to be at the center of a major health alert after studies have found they are at risk of developing severe “systemic toxicity” in the body.

The “Metal-on-Metal” HIP implants effectively cause over time friction between the metal ball and cup to shear off tiny metal pieces which are then released into the blood causing inflammation and damage to muscle and bone.

The alarm comes as a investigation by the Telegraph found:

The hip replacements, which were withdrawn in the UK in 2010, have a high failure rate of up to 50 per cent in under six years.

Senior surgeons have warned that all patients given the two DePuy implants should have been checked for metal leaks and not all have been contacted to date.

There are so far 1,136 patients who suffered making HIP replacement compensation claims.

The DePuy HIP replacement implants at the center of the health scare were manufactured by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and withdrawn from the UK in 2010.

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