Personal injury cases drive positive action

It is probably only right that people live their lives without worrying too much about the myriad hazards that could befall them; although ideally not to the extent that their actions become reckless. It is important to strike a healthy balance between action and caution if a life is to be enjoyed fully and yet in relative safety. During recent weeks, much attention has been focused on the dangers of ice and snow, which have cost hundreds of lives throughout the world – largely as a result of exposure to freezing temperatures and injuries caused by slips or falls. In fact, the NHS has seen a deluge of admissions during the past few weeks as hospitals have experienced huge rises in weather-related personal injuries. Leicester Royal Infirmary has provided treatment to some 2,500 patients with broken bones since the beginning of December, which compares to just 40 patients in a normal month– a staggering increase of 6,250 per cent. Although it remains sensible to watch out for ice as parts of the country slowly begin to thaw, it is also worth remembering that the adverse weather is not life’s only danger.

Unfortunately, whilst many a person’s attention is attracted by more obvious concerns, even the most routine and seemingly harmless of activities can result in personal injury claims where negligence occurs. One such recent case involves a woman from the Stockport area of England who suffered extensive scalp injuries after visiting her local salon. The unidentified victim was awarded compensation of more than £6,000 as a result of the injuries and distress sustained in the incident, which centred on the defendant salon’s negligence. The case revealed that no strand or skin test was carried out on the victim prior to what would otherwise have been a routine hair highlighting job. As a result of the salon’s negligent actions, the victim suffered bleeding and itching that eventually resulted in a bald patch appearing on the scalp – a problem that can only be remedied by new hair growth.

Trips to the local hair salon are an everyday activity for many people and it is certainly an extraordinary situation in which the aforementioned victim found herself; however, the incident does serve to highlight how personal injury claims can arise even in the most unlikely of circumstances. It is essential that victims take positive action against any person, company or organisation that has inflicted harm upon them, even if it was not intentional – doing so can lead to an effective legal remedy in the form of compensation, whilst it also encourages people to act with more care. Based on this point, it is not a stretch to suggest that following through on personal injury claims may actually save lives; indeed, many negligence – not least criminal – cases have arisen after fatalities have been caused.

One such incident in the news of late concerns former footballer, Colin Hendry, whose wife tragically died in the summer of 2009 after she developed an infection following corrective surgery. In 2004, the couple were awarded £300,000 after a clinical negligence claim had been filed against a private clinic that had botched a routine liposuction operation in 2002. Mr. Hendry is currently deciding whether or not to pursue a fresh claim for compensation against the hospital that may have been responsible for her death, which underlines the seriousness of the case. Ultimately, negligence occurs in all walks of life and can affect people in various ways and to different extents – compensation is the minimum justice that victims of such negligence can expect to receive.

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