UK Govt orders Urgent PIP Breast Implant review

Despite French authorities advising thousands of French women to have the faulty breast implants removed and the French Govt paying for women to have the removal, the UK Government only yesterday ordered a fresh review into the implants and the associated risks from them as new worrying data has emerged.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has ordered the urgent review into PIP breast implants after conflicting data over failure rates. With French authorities putting the risk of rupture at 3.6 per cent the UK regulator the MHRA had put the risk at around 1 per cent.

Hundreds of women in the UK have already started the process to claim compensation for the serious effects of these faulty breast implants. If you have been affected and would like to know whether you are entitled to make a similar claim for compensation can help. Fill out the short contact form or call freephone 0800 612 2590 today.

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