National Coverage – Our FOI Requests show the cost of poor claims advice!

The News Of The World were one of the first newspapers to pick up on our study of Britains councils compensation payouts. We highlighted how poor legal advice to consumers is forcing councils to pay out compensation for some trivial claims. promotes sensible access to justice.

“One clumsy punter bagged just THREE QUID after taking a tumble on an uneven pavement.”

“Another won £20 for a damaged SHOE, while a lanky man got a tenner for bumping his HEAD on a low road sign.”

Link to original NOTW article is here

Then the Express was next with a far more balanced approach to the research.

“Tom Johnson, of, said: “Trivial compensation claims like this are very worrying. They show that people are being advised to put in claims for minor and insignificant incidents and this bad advice is costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds.”

“The time and money spent processing paperwork – not to mention the legal expenses – can be as costly for a claim of £3 as it can for a claim of £3,000. The strain petty claims are putting on UK councils will ultimately result in increased taxes for the general public.”

Link to original Express article is here

The Telegraph article also highlights the need for consumers needing to be given the right kind of advice and structured legal council at the start of their claims process. Hawkish approaches to claiming for minor and insignificant and in some cases questionable expenses damages the reputation of the claims industry and casts a shadow over all the good that can come back to claimants through proper and structured legal claims advice.

“Anybody who has suffered accident or injury as a result of somebody else’s negligence is of course entitled to claim but we need to be sensible about it and people need to be sure that the advice they are seeking is genuine.”

“Consumers are not always aware of their legal right to compensation with many not fully understanding the meaning behnd the jargon and advertising slogans.”

“What peole need is relevant and honest advice to help them move forward with legitimate and worthwhile claims rather than wasting time on minor incidents.”

Link to original Telegraph article here

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